Performing Artists






1970-1977 I studied at the technical university in Lund, Sweden. During that period I learned to know a lot of musicians.
Among the in Sweden commonly recognised artists are "Peps" Person och Grus i Dojjan. They are presented on separate pages since there are lots of pictures.
The technical quality is enormously improved durin 4 decades. Especially during advancements in digital cameras in the 21:th century.
I use the picturer of Tom Paxton (1972) and the picture of Meta Roos (2008) to illustrate this. The latest pictures of "Grus i Dojjan" are shot with a 5 year old Camera Body (Canon EOS 5D Mk II),


Tom Paxton

Akademiska Föreningen 1972


Meta Roos

Ängelholms Jassfestival 2008