Grus i Dojjan

The society "Folkmusikfolket" was established 1972 in Lund, Sweden. I was the secretary of the asociation.
TYhe very first meeting was october 10 1972 in the cellar of Akademiska Föreningen (AF-borgen).
Some of the members in the group "Grus i Dojjan" were present. In the spring 1973 the activity was moved to Lilla Teatern. The picture below is shot at "Centralens PUB och Restaurang" in Malmoe 1973.

After a period of 40 years I got the chance to see and listen to the group again. Naturally there is some changes during such a long period. Only two aof the original menbers ("Krutte" and Jesper) were present.
But the "go" I remember are still there.